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This organization has made available to the public the transcription of our recordings. It is possible to view them in live streaming (with a little time delay) or fully on demand, with benefits for hearing impaired people. Here are the main features of our services:
Live streaming
How it works: click on “live videos” if live streaming is available, it is possible to view the live video streaming.
How it works: During the live streaming, every recording is enriched with comprehensive subtitles, with benefits for hearing impaired people. Click on “ON DEMAND”, select the preferred recording and click on the “play” button to start the playback.
Click on “CC”, at the bottom-right of the video, to enable/disable the subtitles.
Media library
How it works: In the “On demand” section it is possible to access to the archive of all recordings managed by this service.
For each recording, these features are available:
  • Comprehensive transcription of the recording;
  • (If set) the list of all the speakers in time order and the arguments of the agenda.

The media library is completely browsable.
Researchable archive
How it works: It is possible to perform various kinds of searches.

- Simple search:
  • Speaker: it is possible to select one or more speakers attending the recorded event (if speakers are indexed).
  • Agenda argument: it is possible to select only those recordings that have some specific argument treated.
  • Date or time span: This option allows selecting the recordings of events held in a specific date or during a specified time interval.

- Advanced search: it is possible to search single words, names, phrases, arguments treated during the recorded events and the result of the search will be a list of all those recordings in which the searched term has been treated. Then it is possible to listen to the recording in the precise instant where the searched words are pronounced.
Social Sharing
How it works: it is possible to share via email or social profile the entire recording or part of it (maybe at a certain moment of the event) with a simple click on the symbol.

As for now, the enabled social networks are:
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
Alert Service
How it works: a free of charge alert service is available. With this service, it is possible to receive via email a notification wherever arguments, names organizations or words of interest are treated during the recording.

To activate the service all you need is to sign up up using your email where the alerts will be delivered and choose the words/argument of interest.

Once the alert criteria is set, you will receive an email containing::
  • The internet address of the recording
  • The recording title with the chosen search criteria
  • The list of the links to the instant where the searched words are pronounced. The words that are found are highlighted in italic.
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